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The company was marked by innovation - constantly coming up with solutions to optimize the technological process in afiliat- staff qualifications and a policy approach towards the client. The logistics force - working with over 80 dealers 1800 sqm warehouse capacity in terms of servicing and a vast geographical area nationwide, Fender Cables is one of the first distributors of specialized market.


FenderCables aims to become the leading provider of products and solutions, supporting the Romanian companies who want to reach a high level of efficiency and performance by implementing and using the latest technologies in various fields such as IT, security, broadcast and satellite TV.


FenderCables aims to increase the use of existing services and solutions portfolio among Romanian companies, providing services and solutions of high quality.


Respect - Every customer, partner or employee is treated exactly as we want to be treated, ensuring that everyone's needs are fully met.

Team work - collective effort ensures the provision of services that customers and partners expect from FenderCables. Each employee or collaborator is specially chosen, and its role is well defined in the company's organizational chart.

Integrity - We take all kinds of tasks, regardless of their degree of difficulty.

Transparency - All activities they undertake are in sight, for both employees and customers or partners.

Orientation to the future - Only by implementing the latest services and solutions we face the fierce competitive environment in which we operate.


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